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1080°Rotatable Faucet Aerator Bathroom Washbasin Tap Splash Filter Kitchen Faucet Extend Faucet Water Saving Bubbler Nozzle


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【High-Quality Safety Materials】: Universal rotating filter faucet aerator is made of Sturdy copper, ABS body and multi-layer plating for extra durability and longevity. It is not easy to rust. Four-layer filter to remove impurities for health.

【Simple Installation】: Directly installed by hands without tools, done in seconds. If your faucet is Male thread, directly connect it. If your faucet is Female thread, use the adapter to connect. Fits all standard taps : can be fitted to Kitchen, Sink Faucets, Bathroom Taps and Lavatory Faucets.

【1080° Rotate Filter Faucet Aerator】: Our new robotic arm swivel sink faucet aerator has 3 flexible articulating parts, can be rotated 1080°, easily bent or folded at will so that the water flow can reach every corner of the sink. Used in the kitchen sink, helpful for children to clean their hands and fruits and vegetables, Used in the bathroom sink, you can wash your hair and face more easily.

【Dual Function Water Flow Design】: Soft bubble stream (suitable for washing hands, face and gargling) and high pressure strong sprayer shower (keeps items clean quickly). This helps minimize water splashing and wastes while meeting your different needs. Rotate the faucet extender to adjust the water mode.

【High Efficiency Water-Saving Device】: The faucet aerator extender is an environmentally friendly pipeline component, which can effectively save water. Install a faucet aerator to dilute the water flow with air, significantly reducing the water flow. They maintain high pressure water spray, effectively reduce waste and save money for you.

  • 1080° Rotary Switch: The splash-proof filter faucet can rotate the water outlet 1080°, making it more convenient to wash your face and rinse your mouth.
  • Two water modes: bubble mode/bubble mode + shower mode
  • Four-eye filtration to remove impurities, two water outlet methods, can be rotated and switched, it is more convenient to wash face and mouth, tight sealing, no water leakage


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