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Children Whale Spray Cup Sippy Bottle Cartoon Baby with Sippy Kettle Outdoor Portable Children’s Cup (Random Color)


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1. A water-spraying cup, exercise your baby’s vital capacity, transparent straw cup, comfortable touch makes you fall in love with drinking water in a second, and there are cute little whales, drinking water, accompanied by little whales

250 ML Baby Straw Water Bottle

2. Stimulate your baby’s potential and promote the development of the brain and nerves

3. Golden ratio design, accurate cleaning, only give the baby a better design. Ergonomically tailored for your baby

4. Accurate scale, can be adjusted at will, the baby’s drinking capacity is more intimate and at ease

Silicone gasket is used in the cup, which is an eye-catching drinking cup no matter where it is taken.

5. Dive into the bottom of the sea and explore the truth. Promote the baby’s development, open unlimited blue fantasy

Large caliber back design, portable cleaning

Warm reminder: The straw is not resistant to high temperature, please do not cook at high temperature and use hot water to scald. Otherwise, it is easy to deform and damage. Product damage and deformation caused by high temperature cooking or boiling water will not be responsible for maintenance tips.

1. It is recommended to use a neutral detergent such as detergent and a soft cloth for cleaning

2. Do not wipe with hard materials such as steel balls to avoid damage and scratches

3. Avoid knocking when cleaning to avoid damage

Package Included:

1*Children’s Whale Cup



1. The existence of bubbles in plastic products, streamlines and other normal process phenomena are inevitable

2. Do not wipe with hard materials such as steel balls to avoid damage and scratches

3. There are errors in manual testing, the size is for reference only, the main object



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