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Get your GPS tracker | Mini Gps Tracker Magnetic | Gps Tracking Device Ideal For Kids, Elderly, Wallet, Luggage And Vehicles

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Always know where it has been !

Whether you’re having suspicions on your beloved one, concerns about your old parent , worries as the parent of a teen driver or simply want additional security for your vehicle, the Super Mini GPS Tracker GPS is the solution you need. It allows to track its movements in real time directly and accurately on Google Maps, to record all the GPS locations visited and to listen to what is being said around the tracker. The Mini GPS tracker is designed to be used with any type of vehicle to follow its location, such as cars, trucks, boats, motorbikes, vans or construction machinery.

– Easy to use: Insert a working SIM card into the device, then track and map it in real-time over the internet, on Google Maps.

– Easy to hide : Small, lightweight and easy to carry, it can easily be hidden in a small location.

 Easy to stick : Equipped with two powerful magnets it can be easily and firmly attached to any metal part of a vehicle, without additional installation or need to get into the vehicle.

– Recording capabilities : the Super Mini GPS Tracker can record all GPS positioning on an additional TF card (not included) With a 16G memory card, it allows to record destinations for about 80 days. The card can be erased remotely with a single SMS to free space on it.

– Real time microphone hearing : Just by dialing the Super Mini GPS Tracker’s SIM card number, you can hear and record everything that is around the it. It can also be set to start recording upon a certain level of sound hearing (40 decibels).

– Easy to control : At any time, queries can be sent to the GPS to know its status (battery level, storage level, …) , to set it off or on and erase stored data on the memory card.


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