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Adjustable Baby Shower Cap With Ear Protector (Random Color)


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The soft adjustable shower cap is made of lightweight EVA foam, durable, suitable for girls, boys, babies, toddlers. This baby shower cap visor prevents shampoo and water from entering his ears, eyes or mouth. helps eliminate your child’s risk of water phobias, ear infections and dryness, making it easier for your child to bath! And suitable for hair trimming, cutting and styling as well. It also has an Ear protection visor design, keep water in the baby’s ears when washing your baby’s hair, water will not run into their face to prevent shampoo and water from getting on the baby’s face. You don’t need to close your eyes when washing your hair, keep your baby safer using shampoo, it will be a fun experience for your kids. Ultra-soft, good elasticity, Comfortable and flexible.


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