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Coffee Lover Gifts & travel mug (random quotes)


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Item Name: Travel Coffee Mug

Product performance

Size: 250ML 350ML
Material: This coffee cup is made of environmentally friendly material, safe, non-toxic and high temperature resistant.
Double layer design: with good insulation function, can be used for cold drinks and hot drinks, easy to carry.
Thoughtful design: The bottom of the cup is equipped with a non-slip mat to prevent your cup from slipping off during use.

Application scenario

Ideal for all-day outdoor activities, meetings, business trips, commutes, etc., it is also the perfect travel mug that you can bring coffee from home to work or have a cup before bed at night.

Washing instructions

Easy to clean, can be recycled many times to use, when received, please use the hot water to use, remove the dust produced in the production process of the cup.


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