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Nova fancy fruit shape self adhesive wall HooKs 3pcs wall mounted hooks (random fruits)


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FASHION LIFE HELPER Wipe away dirt etc dry completely HOOK INTRUCTION HOOKS 3KG Peel off the backing. don’t thouch the adhesive Press the adhesive very firmly against the wall. This hook can support up to 3.0KG Ais the bet weight bearing direction b & c may break O FOR PLACES Surface of plastic cement, paint,stainless steel, metal wood etc. MATERIAL PS O NOT FOR PLACES (uneven,rough of easily peel off surface) A dobe wall,plaster, wallpaper, leatherette, wet surface Bathe room or other wet places High temperature like with stove or hot plate Collodion cotton A Notice Clock, camer, mirror can’t be hung on the hook. A NOTICE Can’t adhesive when there is wet, dirl,oil or wax Clean with organic solvent. Don’t adhesive the hook near cook or stove Uneven surface can’t adhesive. The weight must be less than the limited. Link the clothes line, be careful of weight bearing direction. Don’t adhesive the hook on the glass or above the stove. Heat the adhesive in winter


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